Paul Chek
Paul Chek

Intresserad av träning och kost ur ett Holistiskt perspektiv?  Här kommer tänkvärda ord från en intervju med Paul Chek, gjord av Bryan Kahn. Återgiven text utgör en del av intervjuen, markeringarna är delvis mina egna.


BK:´ve said that health has been lost in bodybuilding. What are the most important steps we can take to get health back in without compromising our bodybuilding or athletic aspirations?

PC: Become your own guinea pig. Keep a detailed training and food dairy. Pay close attention to your skin, your recovery ability, your sleep, sexual performance, and your bowel movements. This kind of info allows you to gain objective feedback from your body and is of more value to you personally than 100 so-called "scientific" studies. I´ve benn running a 25-year experiment -being aware of my self and my reactions to any and all relevant training variables, including all diet and lifestyle factors of potential influence. If you´re not, you should start today because no scientist is going to do this for you. Stop eating and drinking shit, including supplements that are useless. I have clients that take a bag full of pills and powders but won´t spring for organic food or clean water. They don´t sleep well and there skin is a mess because the´re constantly detoxifying all the chemicals they consume. Look at bodybuilders; they have probably the worst skin I´ve seen among any group from all the crap they take. Their bodies´ detoxifying systems are overloaded; they´re tired, moody, and constipated. If they just ate better and took less shit, they´d be miles ahead.

Eugen Sandow

Go back to the 40´s, 50´s, and 60´s or prior. Eugene Sandow lifted 301 pounds ( ca 137 kg) over his head with one friggin´ hand without so much as a multivitamin. Guys just ate clean, natural foods and lived health and strength as their philosophy. Did you know bodubuilders used to be health nuts? How many bodybuilders can say that  today? I got guys on my treatment table in their 20´s who can´t get it up. They´re barley out of their teens and need fucking Viagra. I tell them , I´m 48, you´d better keep your girlfriend away from me! Of course, science is there to "help" us with Viagra and Cialis but as usual everyone missis the big picture. A man´s ability to reproduce is a sign of his health and vitality. If you can´t get it up, Mother Nature doesn´t want you to reproduce.

By taking this boner pills, once again, you´re just treating a sympton of underlying problem, and in this case, one that indicates problems much more threatening to an athlete´s overall health and performance. But it´s big business, and there´s a lot of money to be made of chronically sick people.

It´s the same system that produces these studies that show chemical farming grows the same quality produce as organic farms. it´s only when you dig deep that you discover that many of these studies are funded by companies like Heinz, General Mills, Coke, and Pepsi Co. These mega-companies own a bunch of so-called organic farms and even started their own organic certification system, just so they can produce studies that show organic farming is no better than chemical farming practices. I mean, really, who the hell honestly believes that food grown out of chemical stripped, dead soil is as nutritious as food grown out of nutrient-rich soil? Trust your instinct and be skeptical, and when all else fails. follow the money.

BK: What are the three things that he the average lifter could to do tomorrow in the gym or in the kitchen that could improve their training or their health?


PC: Number one, if it´s deader than you are don´t eat it. When you eat crap, you must invest considerable energy into processing and utilizing it. Don´t further stress an already stressed system. Most people are unware of that the body utilizes between 50-70% of its daily calories just to cover the energetic and nutritional costs of running food from mouth to anus (digestion, assimilation, metabolism and elimination). Just keep the lights on! If you´re eating food that costs more to run through the body than it delivers in energy and resources,naturally, you can expact trouble. Consider, in this regard, that 90% of all food eaten in the US is fast food!


Number two, drink water! Not coffee, not tea, no Red Bull, Monster, but water. You need an averange of half-ounce per pound of bodyweight, so a 200 pound guy would need 100 ounces a day. We live in a polluted world, and the best solution to polution is dilution! About 90% of the population is dehydrated, and it´s an easy, cheap way to improve your look and perform.


Number three, 50-60% of the population is gluten sensitive or intolerant, I  suggest trying an elimination diet whee you eliminate all forms of gluten, seeds, and nuts from the diet. I put my clients on my version of the so-called "caveman diet", which is composed of vegetables and meats, and I allow the use of butter, or ghee for the really sick ones. This allows one to easily begin to identify any offending food because after the seven days is over, you begin to introducing any potential offender one at a time and monitoring your responses.

BK: Whoa, I´ve heard eliminate gluten before, but eliminate nuts? They´re on basically every nutritional authority´s " good food" list?

PC: And what are these "authorities" basing their recommendations off? Each other´s bullshit, incestious, agenda-driven research. I´m a clinican, I work with patients every day, and 95% of the time when I remove gluten, nuts, and seeds , I see dramatic improvements after five days. Nuts and seeds have phytic acid in their coating, which is a known mineral and enzym blocker and is broken down in the sprouting process. If eaten without breaking it down first, phytic acid inhibits the absorption of a variety of minerals and trace minerals, and can neutralize our own digestive enzymes. This results in many of the digestive disorders experienced by people that eat unsprouted grains. Eating nuts and seeds without soaking them in quality drinking water for at least 8-12 hours to break down the phytic acid can, and frequently does, block our digestive enzymes from functioning. This has led to un-estimate problems with digestion, which can, and often do lead to diseases. I go into all this in my book "How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy". 


BK: Interesting. Now to the signatur question, the franchise question, if you will. Can you tell us something we don´t know?

PC: No, I can´t. There´s nothing that you don´t know. Everything you would ever wan´t to know is avaliable to you, if you just relax your mind and go beyond your mental barriers. Lean meditation, and embrace what the Buddhists call the "no-mind", which means stop thinking so you can see the wholeness in life and before you! Then you don´t have to read books and rely on other people´s experiences with no reference of your own. We´re all a beautiful expression of the creative force in the universe. All the answes are right there if you learn to access the no´mind, which is effectively done through a variety of meditation techniques. Look at the mystics, saints and sages of history. Scientists today are blown away at what these people wee able to accomplish, with no computers, no calculation, and no "science". They understood complexities that baffle scientists today because they had access to no-mind. You, Your readers, everyone caught in their ego-programming are all just computers running software until you learn to access no-mind, or the state of thoughtlessness. To do this one needs "de-programming", which can only come through conscious awareness. Rather than telling you something you don´t know, perhaps a better question is: are you motivated to truly find answers?


Kort om Paul Chek. Paul Chek, Holistic Health Practioner, neuromuskulär terapeut och specialist på korrektiv träning. Paul grundade C.H.E.K Institute för att skapa en utgångspunkt för att utbilda en elit inom hälsa och fitness. Författare till ett antal certifieringsprogram, böcker och dvd´s. Konceptet bygger på Holistik; att behandla kroppen som ett system med fokus på att behandla det huvudsakliga problemet. Bland kunderna finns såväl professionella som amatöridrottare, både lag och individuellt. I Sverige är det Eleiko som anordnar Chek-utbildningar.